G.J. ‘Gord’ Boothe
Boothe, Gord

Gord born was born in 1914. He was the son of Thomas Wallace and Maude Boothe. In Summerland he worked in the fruit industry, in orchards and Summerland packing houses. He was married to Edna Myrtle Boothe.He joined the Royal Canadian Air Force, 116 Squadron and was a member of the Bomber Reconnaissance Squadron stationed in Gander Newfoundland. His ranking was a Class 1 Navigator. At the age of 30, Gord was killed at the age of 30, when his Canso aircraft 971 went down in the sea off of the Newfoundland coast. He was last seen getting into a inflatable raft out of his downed air craft. He has no known grave. His name can be found on the Ottawa War Memorial.

WOI (N) R118129