Robert Fortune Jamieson ‘Bob’ Duncan
Bob Duncan was born in 1919. He was the son of Arthur Grant and Elizabeth Jacqueline Duncan . Bob Duncan’s father was the manager of the Bank of Montreal. They moved to Summerland in the spring of 1915. They owned a poultry operation. Before working for the bank, he leased the “Crag-Hill” orchard. The Duncans moved to Vancouver at the beginning of World War Two. Bob Duncan joined the R.C.A.F. in April 1939. Shortly after that he left for England for a “four year aviation course”. According to his mother, “ he always wanted to learn aeronautics, it seemed to be born in him. So when he decided to go to England we made no attempt to stop him”. Bob flew for the Royal Air Force, 58th Squadron.
 Following a night raid over Germany, his plane ran out of fuel and the plane crashed into the sea. He spent two days floating in a rubber dinghy before a British destroyer rescued the flight crew. Following the medical officer examination of Bob at the military hospital , the officer told Bob, “keep your chin up. As long as there’s a plane in the air or a ship at sea, Britain will never lose.” Bob was killed on January 15th 1941 and is buried at the AmsterdamNewEasternCemetery in the Netherlands. R# 641010)