William Edmund ‘Willie’ Gallaugher

Gallaugher, William
 Willie was born on June 9th 1896 in Elkhorn Manitoba.He was the son of Hugh Little Gallaugher and Mary Jane Gallaugher. Private Willie Gallaugher went through Summerland’s school system.  His parents were Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Little Gallaugher and he had one sister Minnie. The Gallaughers lived in DL 675 in Garnett Valley. Willie initially enlisted with the 172nd Battalion along with Harry Barkwill on June 15 1916. They received his military training in Kamloops. When he was on leave he returned to his home in Garnett Valley. He enlisted in 47th Battalion. While fighting in France he was wounded in the hand in one battle (March 16th 1917). In a second battle he was completely buried by a shell explosion. According to the Summerland Review, “ though completely buried by the explosion, he had presence of mind to try to work his hand upward in the earth above. Soon he felt that he had reached the surface and the opening gave him breathing space. By further exertion he was successful in clearing away more earth, and by calling , attracted attention, and soon was dug out not much worse for the trying experience”. At the age of 21 while serving with the Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment of the 47th Battalion, Private Gallaugher was killed on September 26th 1917. He is buried at Menin Gate (Ypres) Memorial, Belgium (Grave panel 10-26-28). The Menin Gate Memorial is situated at the eastern side of the town of Ypres (now Leper) in the Province of West Flanders, on the road to Menin and Courtrai. It bears the names of 55,000 men who were lost without trace during the defence of the Ypres Salient. (R#688152)