L.G. ‘Lloyd’Gould
Lloyd was born in August 1913 in Summerland. He was the son of Allan Gould and Phoebe Eveline Gould (nee McPhail) of Summerland. The Gould family lived ion Prairie Valley. Lloyd attended elementary school and high school in Summerland. He worked in the Gould orchard as well as the sawmill and the Summerland Box Factory. Lloyd was a skilled baseball player. He was known as an excellent left-handed relief pitcher. Lloyd served in the Canadian Forestry Corp.Lloyd served with the Canadian Forestry Corps , 6 Coy. He was killed in a sawmill accident in Scotland on June 9th 1942. He is buried at the Brookwood Military Cemetery (Grave 32.D.3). Brookwood Miltary Cemetery os located 30 miles from London (M# to Bagshot) and then A322. (R# K/98642)arry