L.R.C. Douglas-Hamilton
L.R.C. Douglas-HamiltonIn a letter to the Summerland Review in September 18th 1914, Mr. Douglas-Hamilton was quite critical of the Municipal water system and the lack of repairs of the irrigation ditches and pipes. In November 1914 he left for England and enlisted there. According to the Penticton Herald (August 17 1916) Lieutenant Douglas-Hamilton was an officer in the British Army. In the early spring of 1916 he was wounded, in the knee. He was injured n the battle of Loos. Following hospitalization, he returned to the front. Just before he was killed he was promoted from the rank of Lieutenant to that of Captain of the 8th Service Battalion, of the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders. In April 16th 1916 his letter to the Summerland Home Comfort Club was published in the Summerland Review. The letter thanked the Club for their packages. Douglas-Hamilton wrote, “ I am sure the ladies of Summerland deserve the heartiest congratulations from all on their noble work, and their effort will be well rewarded by the pleasure and comfort their gifts will afford to the Summerland boys at the war.” He was killed in the first week of August 1916. He owned property in Trout Creek. Shortly after the war broke out he left for England. He had been twice at the front. Following his death a London England newspaper claimed that Captain Douglas-Hamilton was a cousin of the Duke of Hamilton.