George Alfred Harwood

Harwood, GeorgeGeorge Harwood was born on March 19th 1896 in West Bay City Michigan U.S.A. His father was Thomas R. Harwood and mother, Mary H. Harwood. George had a sister who was a teacher in Summerland. Bessie Harwood married Mr. A. Lyster of Stettler Alberta. They were married in the second week of July 1916. Both George and his father Thomas enlisted. Private GeorgeHarwood was enlisted with the 11th Canadian Mounted Rifles on April 25th 1916. Thomas enlisted with the Forestry Battalion. Thomas was an experienced bridge builder and worked in Europe in that capacity. Before he enlisted Thomas was on the school board. While in Europe David Lister took his place on the board. George Harwood listed his occupation as a rancher. During 1916 he was on leave and returned to Summerland. He informed the community that Major Hutton had been in a horse accident. During a steeplechase in May 1916, he was dislodged from his horse and broke his collar bone and a few ribs. By September George was on the east coast ready to transfer to England. Unfortunately he was delayed because he came down with the measles. Following the delay he boarded another transport. Much to his surprise he learned that his brother Ralph was also on board ship. Ralph Harwood was a corporal.
The Summerland Review (June 1 1917) published a letter from Private Arthur Pentland. In the letter he mentioned the battle of Vimy Ridge and about George Harwood. He wrote, “ I will never forget that as long as I live, fellows I had been with for months getting killed on each side of me. How I came through I don’t know. I guess it was God’s will that I was to come through and believe me I saw some awful sights. It was certainly fierce…..George Harwood has never been seen since the morning we went over, but he might have been wounded and walked out but I haven’t heard anything about him, and none of the boys seem to have seen him at all.” On April 9th 1917 while serving with the 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles (British Columbia Regiment) he was killed. He is buried at the La Chaudiere Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais France. (Grave V111.C.9)(R#116823)