Charles Noel Higgin

Charles Noel Higgin was born on Christmas Day in 1879 in Manchester England. Chas lived in Prairie Valley and was the brother of F.L. Higgin. (Balcomo DL2543 Bk 14). His brother Captain F.L. Higgin of the Indian Army was enlisted with the 10th Ghurkha Rifles. His father was Charles Napier Higgin. The Higgins arrived in Summerland in 1909. The Higgin family was active in our hospital, and the fruit union. Charles enlisted in 1915. By January 1916 he was training in Kamloops with Private H.W. Agar, Harold Smith and Thomas Whitfield. Charles Noel Higgin was fatally wounded in action in the Turkish trenches at the Dandanelles on June 29th1915. Private C. Noel Niggin enlisted on December 1 1915. He listed his trade as an insurance agent. He had some military experience with the 102 RMR and for six months with the Garrison Artillery Volunteers. (R# 687161)