Charles Percy Holder
Holder, Charles
Percy Holder was the son of Walter and Frances Elizabeth Holder. He was also the uncle of Magnus Tait. Magnus Tait’s children were Eric, Ruth Don and Doreen. Percy had one brother Edward. Private Holder was trained at Camp Vernon. In October 1915 he left for England. He enlisted with the 19th Battalion.In June 1916 he wrote home. In the letter it stated, “I received the parcel safely from the Home Comfort Club. Please accept my thanks for same. It is nice to be remembered by the people at home. With best wishes from….Yours truly P.Holder”. In the spring of 1916 a fellow Summerlander, Private Frank Fox suffered from spinal meningitis. Because Percy was in contact with Private Fox he was placed in quarantine in an effort to minimize the spread of meningitis. While in quarantine, Percy did come down with German measles, “a very unpopular disease in the British Camp right now.” In the spring of 1917 Private William Beattie wrote about the fate of Percy. In his letter he stated that, “ I have had the opportunity this last week of meeting the corporal in charge of the bombing section to which they belonged, and I am very sorry to state that there is little doubt amongst their comrades but that they both (Percy Holder and James Gordon) made the “Supreme Sacrifice”. Their loss to their section was undoubtedly felt, judging from the high esteem in which both of them were held in their section.” Percy was killed on November 18th 1917(?)  while serving with the 19th Battalion. His name is on the Vimy Ridge Memorial.(R# 443652)