William Robert ‘Bob’ McCutcheon
McCutcheon, BobBob McCutcheon’s father Clarence Edward McCutcheon was Summerland’s barber. His mother was Sarah McCuthceon. Bob married Gertrude Martha Bovasse. Bob and his long time Summerland ‘buddies’ Johnny Lemke and Sandy Caldwell enlisted together in 1941-1942.These three friends began school together in Summerland. Bob’s first line of duty was the Aleutian Islands as part of the Wildcat Squadron. Both Bob and Sandy’s primary duties were air gunners .He became part of the 97th Squadron, Pathfinder Force. His aircraft was a Lancaster aircraft #815. Bob McCutcheon was shot down on D-Day, June 6th 1944, his birthday. His plane was in the process of attacking a German submarine when his plane was shot down. The last location was over Cherbourg France.The crew of his plane were noted for their size. They all were over six feet tall. Bob McCutcheon was buried in BayeauxBritishCemetery in France. (Grave 1V.F.23) His long time friend Johnny Lemke also died in the war Sandy Caldwell survived the war and died in 1970. (J/37150)