William Harold Milligan
Milligan, William HaroldWilliam Harold Milligan was born on October 3rd 1876 in Worksworth Derbyshire England. He was the son of Lt Col William Milligan. At the time of enlistment he had one brother living in Saskatchewan . He recorded his occupation as a labourer and teamster and a fruit rancher. Known as ‘Milligan’ he lived in DL 473 Bk 18. Up until 1916 Milligan was doing home guard service. On August 21st 1916 he enlisted with the 172nd Regiment and traveled to Camp Vernon for his training. He did have some military experience at the time with the 102nd Royal Mounted Rifles. In the spring of 1917 he wrote the following letter. “ Please thank the Home Comfort Club for me for the very welcome parcel, which I received yesterday. It was along time coming and I’d been looking forward to its arrival for over a month .I don’t suppose you can realize what a pleasure it is to get a parcel, especially a surprise package like this one, with a little bit of everything in it. We’re having it pretty cold now, though it is dry, which is a blessing. We expected to be in the trenches two weeks ago but mumps broke out and we’ve been quarantined, and are still”. Fellow Summerlander Harold Smith wrote about this quarantine. He wrote that, “I would have written sooner but most of the battalion is quarantined through an epidemic of measles. One case was taken out of our huy last Saturday so we were at once put in quarantine. We hope we shall be out again by Christmas. All we do is go out on marches by ourselves or drill. We, of course, are allowed nowhere where other people are.Most of the Summerland boys are under quarantine. In this hut are Cpl Higgin, Lce Cpl Walton, Pts Agar, R. Barkwill, Nixon, Whitfiled, Fasridge, Verrier and myself. W.H. Milligan went to France with the first draft from our battalion, ten days ago. All our letters are disinfected before they are mailed, now so I think this one will be safe.” Milligan eventually served with the Canadian Infantry (British Columbia Regiment, 54th Battalion. In the March 23 1917 edition of the Review, it was noted that, “ another of Summerland’s soldiers has fallen in France. Word was received here on Wednesday night that Private W.H. Milligan had been killed in action on March 1 1917, the information coming to W.C.W. Fosbery from a sister of the deceased who resides in Alberta, who had been advised by cable.” His name is on the Vimy Ridge Memorial.(R# 688291)