Frank Cornwall Naper*
Frank Cornwall Naper was born in 1874, the son of Mrs Jane Naper of Norfolk House, Thames Embankment, London. moved to Summerland at settled in  Prairie Valley in 1906 . He was a fruit grower and his residence was at DL 475 Bk 12. Frank was a veteran of the Boer War. While in South Africa he fought at Spion Kop and at the Tugela River. Being in the Officer’s Reserve Captain Naper left Summerland in earlier1915 to rejoin his old regiment. In June 1915 in France Frank was severely wounded in five places by a “high explosive shell”. He was hospitalized for nearly one year. In the September 1 1916 edition of the Summerland Review there was a letter written from F.C. Naper. He wrote from Fort Stamford, Plymouth, England. He wrote to thank Summerland’s Home Comfort Club for sending him a parcel. At the time of writing he had just been ordered to take some drafts to Salonika. Private Naper thanked the Home Comfort Club especially for the fudge. At the age of 43, on May 3th 1917 , while fighting with the King’s Own Royal Regiment he was killed in Salonika. He was buried at the Fampoux British Cemetery in Pas de Calais France (Grave B.10)
 The Salonika war has not received a lot of attention by historians. Salonika is now called Thessalonika. From 1916-1918 a joint Franco-British force, at the request of Greece government attempted to prevent the Bulgarians from ousting the Serbs. Casualties were more often caused by malaria, influenza and other diseases than from the fields of war.

*Last name mis-spelled on Cenotaph as "Napier"