Russell ‘Ross’ Rea

Ross was born on December 22 1893 In Summerland he managed the “Parkdale Skating Rink”. This was the name used before Charlie Wharton operated the rink. The new operators in 1915 were Douglas Steuart and Harold Hilborn. In the 1910’2 basketball was a very popular sport in Summerland Ross Rea and Geordie Fisher played for the WestPrairieValley team. The games were played at the Okanagan Ciollege gymnasium (which later became the Youth Centre). Ross Rea enlisted in December 1915. With the departure of Ross the Penticton stated, the community’s loss is the Empires gain. He was a private in the 15th Battalion. In the August 24 1916 issue of the Penticton Herald it stated that, “Private Ross Rae of this place has been killed “Somewhere in France”. His name was given among those who made the great sacrifice as published last week in the casualty lists in the daily papers. He was a popular young man and his death has caused a keen feeling of regret among his many friends. He enlisted last fall and it is not known just what unit he was in at the time of his death. He was always keen on sport of all kinds and for the winter or two has run a skating rink on the campus at West Summerland. His former home was Hamilton Ont. And that was the address which the casualty lists gave for him. There is no room for doubt as to hid identity, however, the regimental numbers as well as the name correspond. He was killed on August 5th 1916. He is buried at the Railway Dugouts Burial Grounds in Belgium (Grave V1.G.7) The Railway Dugouts Burial Ground is located 2 km south east of leper town centre, on the Komenseweg, a road connecting Leper to Komen (N336)(R# 892273)