Joseph Richard Treffry

Joseph Richard Treffry was born on April 1 1894 in Howard CityUSA. He was the son of John and Adah C. Treffry of Summerland. He enlisted on June 22 1915. He traveled to France with Jack Steven as part of the 30th Battalion and then the 54th Battalion. In January 1916 he wrote home describing his experiences.  Joe wrote, “ Just a few lines to let you know that I am still in Old England. I have been very busy this last week or so, on guard and picket. Quite a lot of the boys were away on Christmas and New year leave, and that left more duties for us that remained. If I had friends or relatives over here I could find time to visit them. I have been and am quite well and am sending a three quarter photo of myself in this letter You will see by it I am a lot heavier than when I came over. I weigh about 180 pounds now. I cannot say when I will get over in France, perhaps not until spring. Everything is quiet here now, the Zepps have not visited us for a long time. They know where its safe to be. I got that box of apples at last. They arrived in good condition considering the time it took them to get here. Some of themwere a little spoiled but not so bad I had to throw any away. The people around here were surprised to know we could grow such large apples. I had been telling them about the fruit before the apples came and they thought I exaggerated things, but when they came they were convinced. Private Joe Treffry  died April 9 1917 while serving with the Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment)  28th Battalion at the age of 23. Joe’s name is on the Vimy Ridge Memorial. (R# A42214)