Hector Walker Agar*
Hector was born December 27 1883 in Yorkshire England.. Prior to enlisting, he was in charge of “The Maples” ranch and greenhouses, owned by W.J. Robinson. He listed his occupation as a gardener. He originally lived in Victoria Gardens but then moved with his wife to a small house on the ranch. He enlisted on January 1 1916. Enlisted with the 172nd Regiment, He received his military training in Kamloops along with fellow Summerlanders H. Everett,  Willie Gallaugher, C. N. Higgin and R. Darkis. By 1916 he was on guard duty at Bonnington Falls B.C. with C. Noel Higgin. Bonnington Falls was the site of a large electrical power plant at Trail B.C. He then was assigned the 103rd  Battalion. In January 1916 he had a minor operation on his knee which he fully recovered from. In the spring of 1917 Hector was hospitalized for an infection. “It was believed that he was suffering from mumps or some complications arising from that disease”.  Summerland Private H. Everett wrote to the Summerland Review about his friend Hector (May 25 1917). He wrote, “ isn’t it too bad about Hector Agar. He had a long illness and a disease which was taking off quite a number of men at Bramshott. I had begun to hope he would come out all right because the other poor fellows would only last a couple days. It is rather strange, the very day I received a cutting from the Review saying he was improving, in fact was reading it at the time, I had the letter stating he had died of spinal meningitis. I feel so sorry for his wife, and hope the service will see she is looked after”. He died on April 26th 1917 while serving with the Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment) 24th Reserve Battalion. He left behind his wife and young daughter. He is buried at the Acomb (St Stephen ) Churchyard(R# 687135)

*Name is misspelled on the cenotaph