George Barkwill Picture

George Barkwill
George Barkwill was born on December 21 1890 in London England. His father was W.R. Barkwill of Haselmere, Surrey England.. He moved to Summerland in 1910 with his brothers Harry and Bob. His first home was a tent located at the bottom of Peach Orchard road. He was a carpenter by trade. He built the home where the present Bed and Breakfast home is on Peach Orchard. When the home was renovated in the 1990’s his name was found on one of the pieces of lumber. In Summerland George was an expert rifleman. He won many competitions with the Summerland Rifle Club. According to the August 1914 edition of the Summerland Review the first Summerlanders to enlist were Mark Fetherstonhaugh, Billy Greenwood, James Forsyth, Geordie Fisher, Joe Lintern, Harvey Phinney and George Barkwill. He enlisted with the British Columbia Horse regiment. By the spring of 1915 George was promoted to Sergeant-Major. His unit was the 47th Battalion and he enlisted at the Vernon Camp on August 5th 1915. He trained at Camp Vernon with fellow Summerlanders, Joseph Lintern Mark Fetherstonhaugh and James Forsyth. Following the Vernon Camp he traveled to Valcartier before leaving for England. When he requested to go overseas, he was granted this wish on the proviso that he could not carry his rank through the transfer, so Private Barkwill arrived in England on November 23 1915. He was trained in the ‘sniper course’ at Bramshot England. The training lasted from April 5-18.George gained recognition for his markmenship. He won the first class instructor’s certificate which was known as the “Aldershot Snipers course in musketry. On October 8th 1916 he arrived in Northern France. Corporal Barkwill of the Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment) 47th Battalion was killed in action on Oct 23 1917. He is buried at the Menin Gate (Ypres) Memorial (Panel 10-26-28) (R# 628471,428471,28476