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Bernard Photo
World War II's
Most Famous Photo
Wait for me Daddy!

Probably the most famous Canadian photograph of World War Two was taken in 1940 in New Westminster. It shows the British Columbia Regiment leaving by Ship to Nanaimo. The award winning photograph was taken by Claud Detloff and used in many international magazines, including Life Magazine. The five year old youngster is Warren Bernard. He breaks away from the grip of his mother Bernice to run to the outstretched hand of his father Jack Bernard.

 Warren Bernard was born in Summerland in 1935. His father Jack Bernard and his mother Bernice (nee Sutherland) were long time residents of Summerland. The Bernards were primarily involved with the fruit industry in Summerland. Warren’s grandfather, Vic Bernard, was one of the founding members of the Summerland Legion.

 The Bernards moved to the coast in 1940 but every summer until Warren was 15, he would visit Summerland. He stayed with Francis and Ed Gould. Ed Gould was the fire chief in Summerland. One of their sons was Bud Gould (Sue is his wife).

 Jack Bernard’s father was Vic Bernard. Vic had a brother Joe. Joe was born in Summerland but Vic was born in the Maritimes. Vic married Beatrice Borton, daughter of Bill Borton. Vic Bernard worked for the City of Penticton and was killed in an industrial accident in 1919.

 The Borton family were long time Summerland residents. I think Bill Borton worked on the alter in St Stephens church. A descendent, Pat Borton still lives in Peachland.

 Warren Bernard is friends with Vic Smith. When he visited Summerland he frequented Powell Beach.

The photo and story are on display in the Summerland Legion

Project OverviewWW I FallenWW II FallenHow You Can HelpStories