George Crawford Dale
Dale, George Crawford
George Crawford Dale was born on July 22 1897 in Portage la Prairie Manitoba.  George was the son of Thomas and Margaret Dale of West Summerland and brother of Ruth Dale one of Summerland’s first and most beloved teachers. The Dales had a fruit ranch in Prairie Valley. George was an avid hunter. He would hunt for deer with Hilton Snider. George was an accomplished athlete. In the May 1915 Summerland celebrated Empire Day by hosting “Summerland Day”. This event took place at Crescent Beach and included horse racing and track and field events. George was a member of the West Summerland team which competed against Summerland. He came in first in the 100 yard dash sporting event Private Dale was enlisted with the 47th Battalion. Just before he left Summerland, George was given a silver cup that he won for the foot races at the Penticton sports at the last Dominion Day. During his enlistment, his medical report listed numerous scars, mostly likely from his active life style.
In the June 29th 1917 edition of the Summerland Review contained a letter from George. He wrote to thank the Home Comfort Club for their parcel that he received. He wrote, “ do you know ,when we young lads get away from home we sorely miss the comforts and luxuries to which we have been accustomed. Therefore the contents of the package looked like a whole store-room of goodies to me. Doubly so because I was in quarantine at the time it came. I still am in quarantine but expect to be released from “prison” to-morrow. Measles which very prevalent disease around here, was the cause of our confinement. It is exactly just a month to-day since I went in. The dreadful thing happened on a Friday the 13th of April.” During George’s stay in France he wrote two poems.
 While serving with the Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment), “C” Coy 47th Battalion, George was shot and killed during the last days of the war, August 10th 1918 1918. He isburied at the Warvillers Churchyard Extension, Somme France (A 23) Warvillers is a village approximately 4 kilometers north of Bouchoir, a town on the main straight road from Amiens to Roye. The churchyard is a little east of the village.(R# 827188)

Tho’ the tide of the hours is rolling
And the reaper’s drawing nigh
When the curfew starts its tolling,
I will not give a sigh
For I fought for my King and Nation
And I’m wounded in the lung
Yet I’ll laugh at that last station
If I feel that the Kaiser’s stung
He tried to conquer England
Jove, the thought of it makes me mad
But a Kase like Kaiser Billy’s
Sure must make the world feel sad;
And he tried to conquer Russia
But he got pulled “on the hair”,
So the eagle of the old Prussia
Is eclipsed by the Russian Bear

I’m in the army now
No more I’ll chase the cow
But such is life
Without a wife
I’m in the army now
I’m fond of bacon and
The tea all full of sand;
It’s weary as sin
To ever be in
The Army of the land
But never you mind
You’ll always find
Some hearts of purest gold:
I’ve found some her
Be of good cheer
Remembrance ne’er grows old