Ralph Warbrick Deans
Deans, Ralph Warbrick
Ralph Warbrick Deans was born on February 10 1873 in Hampshire England, son of Charles Dean. During the 1880s Ralph attended Harrow School with R.M.H. Turner, E.R. ‘Bob’ Faulder, Harry Dunsdon and George Barclay. These five Harrow boys moved to ‘Trout Creek’ (Summerland ) and worked on fellow Harrovian, George Nevil Barclay’s cattle ranch In 1894 Ralph formed a partnership with fellow cattleman, Bob Faulder in Upper Trout Creek. A year later he moved to Midway and was employed as a constable.. Neighbour J.R. Brown at the same time became the office clerk. In Midway. In British Columbia’s Voters List of 1898, Ralph was listed as a constable. In 1900 Ralph Deans moved to Upper Trout Creek (Faulder). On July 24 1900 he obtained a water license to divert 100 inches of water from Trout Creek. This water diversion onto his lot (DL 1072) was made by a dam and a ditch. On October 24 1906 he married Margery Adelaide Walker. . (reg# 1906-09-014393). The Deans had three children, Warbrick, Walter and Joan. Apparently Ralph was one of the first people in the Summerland area that had a motor car. In 1915 he enlisted with the 11th Canadian Mounted Rifles, a regiment that was stationed in Victoria, several Summerlanders joined this regiment. Just prior to his enlistment Ralph learned that his brother had been killed fighting against the Turks in the Dardanelles. According to the sixth volume of the Veteran’s book, Lance Corporal R. Warbrick Deans died at Work Point Barracks Hospital, Victoria from pneumonia at the age of 43. He left behind his widow who remained in Victoria. Full military honours were accorded the funeral . Services were conducted by Captain the Rev. J.M. Comyn-Ching, battalion chaplain. His remains were borne on a gun-carriage draped in the customary Union Jack upon which were laid his cap, belt and arms. Ralph Warbrick Deans was buried in the Ross Bay Cemetery (S.14W 42). At the Harrow School Memorial Hall, is inscribed the names of 644 Harrovians that were killed in the Great War including Ralph Warbrick Deans. (R# 110443)