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Summerland Banners
A Project Honouring the fallen of the World Wars
WW II Fallen
Summerland’s cenotaph lists the Summerland soldiers who died in World War One and Two. For whatever reason, not all of the families of Summerland’s “Fallen Soldiers” wished to have their loved ones identified on the cenotaph. Those names are italicized below. Some families may have preferred another type of memorial or another location for the memorial.

Pictures with a blue border can be clicked to view more information.

Names in red indicate that a street in Summerland has been named in their honour. Summerland will continue to name all new streets from this list.
Names underlined have been honoured with a street banner.
World War II Fallen of Summerland
Boothe Brennan, Thomas
Robert Jasper
Charles Ward
John Gordon
Thomas Edwin
 Clements, Allan  Daniels,    Duncan, Robert
A.B. Michael
Robert Fortune Jamieson
 Gould. Lloyd George  Hickey, Lawrence    Jewell, Ron
Lloyd George
Laurence Francis
Earnest Page
Ronald James
 Lemke, Johnny  MacDougald, Keith  McCutcheon,  MacLachlan, Russell
John Julius
Alfred Keith
William Robert
Russell William
 Murfitt, Herbert    Powell,  Rumball,
Herbert Arthur
Patrick Picton
Richard Clement
Harold Marland
 Smith, Alexander Smith, Arthur William    smith_paul 
Alexander John
Arthur William
Frederik Paul
 Temple, Arthur  Verrier, Cahrles  Wilson, Andy  Wilson, Woody
Arthur John Guy
Charles Reginald
Wesley William
Thomas McLaren

Project OverviewWW I FallenWW II FallenHow You Can HelpStories